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Nathan MedinaMy name is Nathan Medina and until I am released, you can write me at the following prison address or you can set up an account with GTL, the company that has the California Prison contract for inmate communication and tablets at: To do so, you will have to install an App, then put a small amount of money on your account as they charge 5 cents per text message which I receive on my prison issued tablet.  All messages and content is reviewed by prison staff, so please do not send anything inappropriate. 

Alternatively you can use the form below to send a message which will be sent to an email account.  I will be notified when these messages are received and I will be able to respond.

The evidence is overwhelming: communication between jailed individuals and their loved ones through phone calls, letters, and visits has a good effect on everyone involved, including recidivism rates, school performance, and general health.

For many years, the benefits of visitation have been widely acknowledged, especially in terms of lowering recidivism. In a 1972 visiting study, which tracked 843 parolees from California prisons, it was discovered that the likelihood of reoffending was six times higher for those who had no visitors during their confinement than for those who had three or more visits. A few years later, in a study of inmates released from Hawaii State Prison, researchers discovered comparable outcomes.

I will read all messages sent to me and respond as I am able to given my current situation.  Thank you, I appreciate any and all messages and support.

Thank You,

Nathan Medina AA4500
CTF North Lassen B 244
P.O. Box 705
Soledad, CA. 93960


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