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wrongfully convictedI was wrongfully convicted.  Since the California state attorney general, the Contra Costa District Attorney, and the Conviction Integrity Unit continue to ignore all requests for the recordings taken by the Walnut Creek Police the day of the murder, I must make public their continued suppression of this highly exculpatory evidence.  I continue to be deprived of my liberty, while they withhold the recordings that:

  1. Prove my conviction was based on fabricated evidence.
  2. Expose the Walnut Creek Police, prosecutor, and my trial attorney’s crimes of moral turpitude.

I am forced to ask the public for donations and/or support that will be used to:

  • Get my case more exposure through social media, so that my case, and cases like it, can be used to expose the police and court corruption that continues to this day.
  • Find an attorney to help acquire two 911 recordings, and one witness interview. One 911 recording which was never turned over, a copy of the main witness’s 911 recording before the volume was tampered with, and a copy of the third witness video interview which the Walnut Creek Police claim the audio did not record.
  • Find and pay for a forensic expert in audio/video recordings who can either extrapolate the sound from the witness interview or someone who can read her lips and transcribe what she said. The main witness’s original 911 call had no issue with the volume; however, the copy received by attorneys hired by Allstate had a volume that had been tampered, and was too low to be transcribed.

It bears repeating here, that out of five recordings taken the day of the murder, only two were made availabe in 2014 that could be transcribed (this was several years after my trial was over).  Those two recordings contained proof that the two main witnesses on those recordings gave perjured testimony during trial.  Those recordings would have impeached both witness testimonies if they were made available to the jury.

The three remaining recordings were intentionally suppressed and tampered with as they give definitive proof of the Walnut Creek Police, prosecutor, and counsels’ conspiracy to permanently suppress exculpatory and impeachment evidence.

Thank you,
Nathan Medina AA4500