Judicial Misconduct Documents

Documents Relating To Corruption, Judicial Misconduct, Bias

Judicial misconduct harms our legal system.  A functional court depends on citizens believing their judges are impartial and fair, and judicial misbehavior undermines this foundation. Without public faith and trust, the judiciary cannot function. Therefore, judges need to be held to high moral and legal standards. Judicial conduct review must be carried out to make them responsible for their actions without compromising the impartiality of judicial decision-making. This work may seem overwhelming but it is very necessary.

The judiciary, more than any other body of government, is based on public trust because judges do not enact laws, command armies or police forces, or have the authority to appropriate funds for initiatives. Rather, they render legal decisions. decisions that the public has to accept as coming from qualified, legitimate, and impartial judges.

Judicial Misconduct, purjury, corruption, bias, and fabricated evidence are all factors that led to my conviction. Please start with the Police and Court Corruption page. Then if you want to see the exhaustive attempts to acquire the evidence which was withheld from the jury and me, read the Conspiracy to Suppress Exculpatory and Impeachment Evidence page.