My Story


Innocent?  Wrongly Convicted?
Dear reader, I ask that you read this with an open mind and heart, I am in no way claiming that I was a good man.  I was arrogant and selfish, addicted to pain pills (opiates), and I suffered from self-inflicted anxiety and depression, because of my own ignorance.  I spent more time thinking about the things in life that I was dissatisfied with, rather than being grateful for the abundance of goodness that life had given me.  Of course, at the time I thought that I was functioning normally, as I was also in self-denial.  Being sober since 2009 has given me an abundance of time to self-reflect.

With the overwhelming amount of misfortune that has occurred in my life, it could appear that the universe was against me; however, I do not believe that this has ever been the case.  Even through all of the tragedy and traumatic experiences I have lived through, I believe in a friendly universe.  A universe that gives us what we focus our thoughts and attention on, whether we are conscious of this fact or not.

Being in prison has given me an over-abundance of time to test how my thoughts and feelings (which appear to be self contained) actually have a direct effect on what is attracted into my life.  As I have learned to focus more on what is good in my life, while giving less attention to what I do not want, I have experienced a complete change in my personal environment within this prison.  As my mind has become less anxious and more calm, my experience has matched my state of mind.

This is absolutely subjective, as the prison yard here at Soledad has actually gotten much worse, because administration has been sending more violent inmates from other prisons to this yard.  While there is more violence and predatory behavior happening here, it has not entered into my direct experience.  Think of the things which you do not want in your life as storms.  The more you think about storms, the closer you draw them into your life.  You become like a storm magnet.  Your thoughts are not creating the storms, they are merely attracting what is already in existence towards you.

Innocent?  Wrongly Convicted?
With this in mind, combined with the ignorant and arrogant state I was in, back in 2008 and 2009.  I was an easy person for the prosecutor to get a jury to hate.  To get them to hate me so much, that they would overlook the overwhelming amount of misconduct that occurred in my case.

As you will read, the prosecution’s story was beyond what any rational person could believe. It took him suppressing two 911 calls, three witness interviews, having multiple witnesses and expert witnesses lie on the stand, falsifying and concealing evidence and phone records, lying to the jury regarding multiple issues, and, to top it all off, he had a juror removed during deliberations immediately after the juror asked for the equipment to review the 911 calls and witness interviews, that were withheld from the jury.  Yes, all of this is provable and documented, these are facts that cannot change over time. The prosecutor could not have done any of this without the cooperation of my trial attorney and the judge.

While I am no longer upset about all that has happened in the past, things of which I have no control over, I am very motivated to expose and do something about the professional misconduct that continues to this day.

Because of the overwhelming amount of police and prosecutor misconduct that the public has been made aware of in the media, a significant amount of the people no longer trust the public servants who’s job it is to protect us.

In answer to this crisis of public trust, a trust which a minority of police and prosecutors have betrayed, by convicting innocent people through the use of police and prosecutor misconduct, California has allocated more money to district attorney offices at the county level for forming units to investigate and overturn wrongful convictions.  Yes, that is to give more money to the fox in-order to protect the hen-house, and no, as well intentioned as this was, it is not working.  You can read my March 14th letter to the head of the Conviction Integrity Unit (Letter to CIU) which as of this writing on December 4th, has gone completely unanswered.

Innocent?  Wrongly Convicted?
As you will find out for yourself in reading about my case, it won’t be a surprise that the California Attorney General – Rob Bonta, has had to step in and form a state wide Justice Unit because, you guessed it, the county district attorney units who collected money from the state to investigate and overturn wrongful convictions are just continuing to protect their fellow workers and colleagues, which includes the police.  By the time you read this, the Contra Costa Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) will have sat on my case for well over a year and a half while ignoring the overwhelming proof that my conviction was based on fabricated evidence. (The proof of which was handed over to them in January of 2022.)

I pray that I do not come across, as disgruntled or resentful, as I am neither.  I am merely stating what actually happened in my case.  With that in mind, I ask again that you read the documents on this site, with an open mind and heart.

I am both excited and hopeful for what the future holds.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my case.  I hope you can now answer the question for yourself.  Innocent?  Wrongly Convicted?

Ignored by the CIU

So far the Conviction Integrity Unit has ignored the following violations while I remain in prison:

  • Prosecutor suborned perjured testimony by asking leading questions regarding the central issue of this case to the main witness regarding ability to see
  • Prosecutor failed to correct perjured testimony with readily available evidence
  • Prosecutor told the jury that witness was honest when he knew their testimony was false
  • Prosecutor – improper and prejudicial closing statements
  • Prosecutor suppressed exculpatory and impeachment evidence
  • Police – witness tampering (recorded)
  • Police – evidence tampering/destruction
  • Police – Blatant eye witness procedural violations
  • Police – Gave provable false and misleading information on affidavit to secure a search and arrest warrant
  • False expert witness testimony
  • Fabricated evidence (perjured testimony, phone records, jacket, recordings)
  • Judicial Misconduct (abuse of judicial discretion) by two judges
  • Prosecutor and trial counsel conspired to suppress exculpatory and impeachment evidence
  • Conflict of interest as trial counsel had prior business relationship with the prosecutor
  • Multiple Brady violations
  • Removal of a juror against their own objection during deliberations after they asked for the equipment to review evidence that was kept from the jury

If you feel that I am indeed innocent and are compelled to assist me in my fight for freedom, please consider making a Donation.  Thank you in advance!